Dasakam: 007 -- Shlokam: 09

दृष्ट्वा सम्भृतसम्भ्रम: कमलभूस्त्वत्पादपाथोरुहे
हर्षावेशवशंवदो निपतित: प्रीत्या कृतार्थीभवन् ।
जानास्येव मनीषितं मम विभो ज्ञानं तदापादय
द्वैताद्वैतभवत्स्वरूपपरमित्याचष्ट तं त्वां भजे ॥९॥

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O Lord of the Universe! Seeing Thy divine form, Brahma, overwhelmed by Thy vision. He fell at Thy lotus feet and prostrated. He prayed to Thee that Thou surely knew his desire to create, and so he asked for the required knowledge. OhLord ! I pray to Thee who granted the revelation of Thy supreme divine form to Brahma.