Dasakam: 007 -- Shlokam: 10

आताम्रे चरणे विनम्रमथ तं हस्तेन हस्ते स्पृशन् बोधस्ते भविता न सर्गविधिभिर्बन्धोऽपि सञ्जायते । इत्याभाष्य गिरं प्रतोष्य नितरां तच्चित्तगूढ: स्वयं सृष्टौ तं समुदैरय: स भगवन्नुल्लासयोल्लाघताम् ॥१०॥

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Brahmaa was with full humbleness prostating at Thy crimson feet. Thou touched his hand with Thy hands and said to him that he would get the knowledge requiered for creation, and also that he will not be tainted by the act of creation. Thus encouraging him, Thine ownself hidden in Brahma's heart spurred him on tobegin the act of creation. Oh Lord ! Bless me with good health.