Dasakam: 008 -- Shlokam: 02

सोऽयं चतुर्युगसहस्रमितान्यहानि
तावन्मिताश्च रजनीर्बहुशो निनाय ।
निद्रात्यसौ त्वयि निलीय समं स्वसृष्टै-
र्नैमित्तिकप्रलयमाहुरतोऽस्य रात्रिम् ॥२॥

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One thousand Chaturyugaas make one day for this Brahma, and an equal duration is his night. During his day time he creates and at night he sleeps, Hence his night is known as Naimittika Pralaya when along with his creation he merges in Thee. Thus he spent many days and nights.