Dasakam: 008 -- Shlokam: 04

पञ्चाशदब्दमधुना स्ववयोर्धरूप-
मेकं परार्धमतिवृत्य हि वर्ततेऽसौ ।
तत्रान्त्यरात्रिजनितान् कथयामि भूमन्
पश्चाद्दिनावतरणे च भवद्विलासान् ॥४॥

O Infinite Being! Brahmaa ruling over the present cycle has now completed fifty years of his life,which is known as one paraardha. I shall now narrate Thy sportive activities during the previous night of Brahma and at the beginning of the next morning of the present paraardha. .(Our 1000x4 yugas = 1 day of Brahma Kalpa, and similarly, our 1000x4 yugas = 1 nightof Brahma Kalpa. Our 2000x4 yugas =1 day + 1 night of Brahma. 360 days (includingnights) of Brahma = 1 year of Brahma. 100 years of Brahma = Brahma's full age whichis the duration of the great deluge also.)

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