Dasakam: 008 -- Shlokam: 03

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अस्मादृशां पुनरहर्मुखकृत्यतुल्यां
सृष्टिं करोत्यनुदिनं स भवत्प्रसादात् ।
प्राग्ब्राह्मकल्पजनुषां च परायुषां तु
सुप्तप्रबोधनसमास्ति तदाऽपि सृष्टि: ॥३॥

As each day begins, with Thy blessing Brahma goes on with the act of creation, as we perform our daily rituals at dawn. For those who were born before the Braahma Kalpa also wake up at the dawn of the new Kalpa after a long night's sleep.