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Part-7 of the Glossary of Sanskrit terms--ALPHABET-"K" is given below.



KABIR: Name of a saint.
KAILASA: Mount Kailasa.
KAIVALYA: Emancipation; state of absolute independence.
KALA: Ray, part, aspect
KALI YUGA: Age of Kali-the dark evil present age.
KALPAS: Medicines intended for longevity and health.
KALYANA: Auspicious.
KAMA: Lust; desire.
KAMALASANA: Lotus pose.
KAMANDALU: A vessel carried by Hindu monks for keeping water.
KAPILA MUNI: Founder of Sankhya system of philosophy.
KARANA: Causal.
KARMA: Action (Sanchita: accumulated; Prarabdha: to be worked out in this life; Agami: being freshly formed)
KARMA: Actions operating through the law of cause and effect. Click here for a discourse on Karma Yoga.
KARMA-INDRIYAS: Organs of action - tongue, hands, feet, genital organ and anus.
KARMA-KANDI: One who observes strictly the duties ordained in the scriptures.
KARMASRAYA: Receptacle of actions.
KARUNA: Compassion
KARYA: Effect.
KASHAYA: Hidden desires.
KASHMIR: Name of a state in India.
KASHTHA MAUNA: Observing silence in which thoughts are not communicated to others even in writing or by signs.
KATHA: Name of an Upanishad.
KAUPIN: Loincloth.
KAUSTUBHA: Name of a gem worn by Lord Vishnu on His breast.
KAVYAS: Poems.
KAYAKALPA: Medical treatment for increasing longevity.
KEVALA ASTI: Pure existence alone.
KEVALA KUMBHAKA: Cessation of breath spontaneously
KEVALA: Alone.
KEVALOHAM: "I am Absolute."
KHADDAR; KHADI: Hand-woven cloth.
KHECHARI MUDRA: A kind of Hatha-Yogic practice.
KHECHARI MUDRA: Applying elongated tongue to the posterior palate in Hatha Yoga
KIRTAN: Singing devotional songs.
KLESA: Affliction.
KORAN: Holy scripture of the Muslims.
KOSA: A sheath enclosing the Soul.
KRISHNA: Incarnation of Lord Vishnu; teacher of the Gita.
KRITA-KRITYA: One who has done everything; a liberated sage.
KRIYA: A type of exercise in Hatha Yoga.
KRIYA: Action
KRODHA: Anger.
KSHAMA: Forgiveness.
KSHETRA: Place where food is distributed to Sannyasins.
KSHIPTA: Wandering state of mind.
KULA KUNDALINI: The primordial cosmic energy located in the individual.
KUMBHAKA: Period between incoming and outgoing breath
KUMBHAKA-Retention of breath.
KUMBHAKARNA: Brother of the demon king Ravana -he used to sleep for six months.
KUNDA: A kind of jasmine flower.
KUNDALINI: Serpent: power coiled up at the Muladhara Chakra
KUNDALINI: The primordial cosmic energy located in the individual.
KUTASTHA: Immutable; Brhaman.
KUTIR: A small cottage; hut.
KUTIR: Living quarters (of a Sadhaka)

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