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Please find below the Part-9 of THE GLOSSARY OF SANSKRIT TERMS--ALPHABETS--"N & O"


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NADA: Mystic sound.
NADI SUDDHI-Purification of Nadis.
NADI: Astral tube carrying Prana
NADI: Nerve; psychic current.
NADI-SUDDHI: Purification of the nerves.
NAKULA: A Pandava-younger brother of Arjuna.
NAMA-RUPA: Name and form.
NAMO: Salutation.
NANAK: Name of a saint whose last successor founded Sikhism.
NARAYANAYA: To Lord Narayana.
NASIKAGRA DRISHTI-Gazing at the tip of the nose.
NASIKAGRA: The tip of the nose.
NAULI: A Hatha Yogic exercise.
NAULI: Abdominal churning exercise
NAVAVIDHA: Nine types.
NETI NETI: Not this, not this.
NIDIDHYASANA: Profound and deep meditation.
NIDIDHYASANA-Profound meditation.
NIDRA: Sleep.
NIRAKARA: Formless.
NIRBIJA: Seedless.
NIRDVANDVA: Beyond the pairs of opposites such as pleasure and pain.
NIRGUNA: Without attributes.
NIRGUNO-GUNI: Brahman who possesses transcendental qualities.
NIRODHA: Control or restraint.
NIRODHA: Restraint.
NIRUDDHA: Controlled.
NIRVANA: Liberation; final emancipation.
NIRVANA: Liberation; final emancipation.
NIRVICHARA SAMADHI: Superconscious state where there is no mind or Triputi.
NIRVIKALPA: Without modification of the mind
NIRVIKALPA-SAMADHI: Superconscious state where there is no modification of the mind or Triputi.
NIRVISHAYA: Without object.
NISHKAMA KARMA-Action without any expectation of fruits.
NISHKAMA: Selfless, unselfish
NISHPATTI: Consummation, ratio
NISHTHA: Steadfastness.
NISSANKALPA: Free from thoughts and imaginations.
NITYA: Eternal.
NITYA-SIDDHA: A liberated soul of marvellous powers who is ever present on the astral plane.
NIVRITTI MARGA: The path of renunciation.
NIVRITTI: Renunciation.
NIYAMA: The second step in Raja Yoga; observance - purity, contentment, austerities, etc.
NIYAMA-The second step of Raja Yoga, observance. Internal and external purification, contentment, austerity, study, worship of God, etc.


OJAS: Spiritual energy.
OJAS-SAKTI-Seminal energy.
OM (KARA): The sacred syllable symbolising Brahman.
OM: The sacred monosyllable which symbolizes Brahman.
OORDHVARETA: A Yogi who has stored up the seminal energy in the brain after sublimating the same into spiritual energy.
OOTY: A hill-station in India.