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Please find below the PART-12, of THE GLOSSARY OF SANSKRIT TERMS--ALPHABETS--"T & U "

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TADAKARA; TADRUPA: Identification.
TADBODHA: Knowledge of the nature of Brahman.
TAILADHARAVAT: Like continuous flow of oil.
TAMAS: Darkness, inertia, dullness
TAMAS: One of the three qualities of nature which generates inertia, laziness, dullness and infatuation.
TAMAS; TAMO-GUNA: One of the three qualities of nature which generates inertia, laziness, dullness and infatuation.
TAMAS-Inertia, darkness.
TANDRI: Drowsiness
TANDRI: Drowsiness; half sleep state.
TANMATRA: Rudimentary elements.
TANMATRA: Subtle, undifferentiated root elements of matter.
TANMAYA (TA): State of absorption.
TANTRIKA: Belonging to Tantra which is a path of Sadhana laying great stress upon repetition of Mantra and other esoteric meditations.
TANUMANASI: Thread-like state of mind.
TAPANIYA: Name of an Upanishad.
TAPAS: Austerity.
TAPASCHARYA: Practice of austerity.
TAPASCHARYA: Practice of austerity.
TARKA-SANGRAHA: A book of logic.
TARKIKA: Logician.
TAT TVAM ASI: "Thou art That"-a great sentence.
TATTVA: Essence; principle.
TEHSILDAR: Revenue officer.
TEJAS: Spiritual aura.
TEJOMAYA: Full of light; resplendent.
TEVARAM: Songs of the South Indian mystics.
TILAKA: A mark on the forehead.
TIRASKARA: Disrespect; insult.
TITIKSHA: Endurance; bearing with equanimity heat and cold, pleasure and pain, etc.
TIVRA: Intense; keen; sharp.
TRATAKA: Steady gazing.
TRIKUTI: The space between the two eyebrows.
TRIKUTI-The space between the eyebrows.
TRIPHALA: An Ayurvedic medicine.
TRIPTI: Satisfaction.
TRIPURA SAMHARA: Destruction of demons Tripuras by Lord Siva.
TRIPUTI: The triad-seer, sight and seen.
TRISHNA: Thirsting for objects; craving after sense-objects, Sense-hankering
TRIVENI: The place where the three holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and Sarasvati meet.
TUKARAM: A saint.
TULASI: Holy Basil plant.
TULASIDAS: The saint author of the Hindi Ramayana (Ramcharitmanas).
TURIYA: The state of superconsciousness, the fourth state transcending the waking, dreaming and deep sleep states.
TUSHNIM: Neutral state of mind, which is an obstacle in meditation.
TUSHTI: Contentment.
TYAGA: Renunciation (of egoism, desires and the world).


UDANA: Vital force near the throat
UDDALAKA: A great Rishi (sage) of yore.
UDDHAVA: A friend and great devotee of Lord Krishna.
UDDIYANA-BANDHA: A Hatha Yogic exercise.
UMA: Lord Siva's Consort.
UPADESA: Spiritual advice, Instruction.
UPADHI: Limiting adjunct.
UPANISHAD: Revelation; text dealing with Ultimate Truth and Its Realisation.
UPANISHAD: Vedantic scriptures, end of Vedas
UPANISHADS: Revelation; text dealing with Ultimate Truth and Its Realization.
UPARATI: Satiety in the enjoyment of sense-objects.
UPASANA VAKYA: A sentence for meditation.
UPASYA: Object of devout meditation.
UPEKSHA: Indifference.
URDHVARETO: Yogi: A Yogi whose energies have been sublimated into spiritual power
USHA-PANA: Drinking water in the morning as soon as one gets up after cleaning the teeth. This is Hatha Yogic treatment for constipation.
UTSAHA: Cheerfulness, enthusiasm
UTSAHA: Enthusiasm.
UTTARAKASI: A place in the Himalayas.