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Here is a recipe for oats dosa.
Hope some of you have been trying these recipes.



Oats flour 60g
Rice flour 30g
Rava 30g
Onions 20g
Coriander leaves few
Jeera 2.5g
Salt to taste.

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Mix oats,rice flour,rava,chopped onions,jeera and salt together. Pour water and prepare a batter of pouring consistency.
Keep aside for 15 mins.Heat tawa ,grease it with a little oil.Place a ladleful of batter on tawa and spread evenly forming a dosa.Apply oil from the sides and cook till golden brown.Serve with any chutney.

cooking time 5mins
No.of servings 4
Nutritive value
Energy 555kcals
Protein 14.1g
Fat 16g
Carbo hydrates 86g
Fiber 1.1g