"Vasyo bhooyaaya vasumaan yagyo vasu vanshishiya
vasumaan bhooyaasum vasu mayi dhehi"
- Atharvana Vedam 16/9/4.

Means: O human beings! have faith in God and always strive in such
a way that by serving others, you get the most excellent
status in life.

Reveals: Man has been told about three things in this mantra,
1. Have faith in God 2. Adopt the path of service to
others and 3. Achieve excellence.

Faith in God is a very magnificent idea. An innocent child
feels secure in his mother's lab or by holding his father's hand. He has
full faith in his parents and because of this faith, he becomes free
from fear. We also must establish a relationship of total devotion,
faith and trust in God. There are plenty of benefits by starting a
relationship. When a poor and ordinary girl accepts a king as her husband
and surrenders herself completely to him, she becomes the proprietress
of all his property as his queen. In thus way, we have all to gain by establishing
a relationship with God.

The second point is helping others, serving others, obliging
others. We must always remember that there is a part of GOD in every living being. We must strive for upliftment of all while dealing with them with goodwill
and love. We should not deal with them in a way which we would not like
to be done to us. One should always be eager to organise good people for
breaking up immorality and bad customs which prevail in the world and work
for the welfare of all by encouraging creative activities.

Man can achieve excellence only by faith in God and service
to others. Today people are busy in many types of immoral activities by forgetting God and becoming blind in selfishness. All round there is
corruption, dishonesty and looting. People move around here and there by
immorally earning millions; but in reallity, they are creating hell for themselves.
We should always remember the word 'varenyam' of the Gayatri-mantra which
inspires us to save ourselves from the path of lowly tendencies, indulgence
of desires, devilishness, wicked conduct and selfishness, and walk on the
excellent path of dignity, good conduct, greatness and helping or serving
others. Only this excellent path leads to the welfare of all.

The best people are those, who without any selfish-motive, think it
to be their duty to work for the welfare of others. By seeing the sorrow of others
they feel great pain and for relieving others' sorrow they strive continously even
to the extent of putting their lives at stake. They are in the divine category.
Then there are others who do their own work as well as help others. They
belong to the human category. The third category is of demoniac people,
who while doing and managing their work, spoil others' work.

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The more a person has sentiment of helping others, the more
humanity he has. Only such people are successful in life.