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:: Adhik Maas: Religious significance ::

The great culture of India always conveys the message of internalization of virtues. The significance of worship, fasting, charity, chanting of Mantras and austerity is mentioned in all ancient Hindu scriptures. Although there is utmost importance given to charity, virtues etc in Vedic religion throughout the year, it is icing on a cake when these rituals are performed during “Adhik Maas”. During the period of Purushottam maasa, people perform various types of religious rituals such as keeping fasts, recitation of religious scriptures, chanting mantras & prayers, and performing various types of puja's & havans. Also, individuals observe this sacred month, which arrives after every thirty-two months by performing parayans, holding a Katha series of sacred texts, attending satsanghs and discourses. Vrats of various duration (full day, half day, weekly, fortnight, full month) are carried out as per the tolerance/capacity of individuals. These vratas may be: fruit fasts, a complete fast with or without liquids, or a one-time vegetarian food.

:: Benefits of Adhik Maas Vrat ::

• Keeping fast during this period is equivalent to performing a hundred yagnas, which acts as a path to attainment of complete bliss, delight and peace.

• The purpose of this vrat is to propitiate deitys to fulfill desires, to acquire divine grace and blessings, to regain lost health and wealth, to beget offspring, to get divine help and assistance during difficult periods in one's life.

• Persons performing good deeds/satkarma in this month conquer their indriyas/senses; their miseries are eradicated and they totally come out of punar janam i.e. cycle of rebirth.

• Performing penance knowingly or unknowingly in this adhik masa in any form adds tremendously to spiritual merit.

• Any graha dosh or specific dosh nivaran puja performed in Purushottam masa to counter malefic effects in the horoscope, multiplies the good result by ten times.

• During the entire month of Adhik maas, Paaths of the Puranas such as Shrimad Devi Bhagavatam, Shrimad Bhagawat puran, Shri Vishnu puran, Bhavishyottar Purana etc are carried out by sadhaks. These reign in a lot of religious merit and also bring about transformation for the better in individuals.

• Selfless actions, without the expectations of results, are to be performed during Adhik Maas.

• Adhik Maas is the month for Vishnu puja. The recitation of Srimad Bhagavat Purana and of the Bhagavad Gita during this month produces top meritorious results. Singing and listening to the praises of Lord Vishnu, Chanting the Vishnu sahasranama and the Suktas are recommended.

• Waking up during the hours of Brahma Muhurta (between 4 am and 6 am), performing the morning ablutions, and Sodashopachara puja to murti of Radha-Krisha or Lakshmi-Narayana and perform.

• If there is a temple nearby, then perform puja to the deities there. Pilgrimage undertaken during this time is considered to be very beneficial.

• These religious rituals are capable of washing away all the sins of people accumulated during this life and past life.

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Duties during Adhika Maasa –

1. Maasa snaana - Throughout the month, we have to get up in arunodayakala itself [or Brahma Muhurta] and do the snaana in rivers, and thirthas or atleast in wells. (Even when we are doing the snaana in a Pipeline water supplied by water supply board, we have to do the chintana of Ganga sankalpa and do it).

2. Nakta Bhojana - We have to do the fasting till night and do the bhojana only in the night.

3. Ayachita Vrata - We must not ask anybody anything. We have be yadrichchaalaaba santrupta.

4. Dharana parana – One day upavaasa (DharaNa), next day (PaaraNa) – with this 15 days upavasa and 15 days bhojana.

5. Tambula Daana – During Adhikamasa, if we give tamboola daana to brahmanas and Suhagans/suvasinis, our dourbhagya will be removed and we will get soubhagya.

6. Deepa daana - During this month we have to light “Akanda deepa” in the Pooja room or mandir. We must ensure that the deepa never goes off throughout the day-night.

7. Apoopa daana - During this month, one has to give apoopadaana of 33 apoopa to brahmanas daily. However, we can give more than 33 also, but not less than 33. If it is not possible to give apoopa daana on all the days, then, one can give it on any particular day. It must be accompanied by same number of beetel leaves, and dakshine. If one is giving an apoopa dana on a single day, then – Shukla dwaadashi, pourNami, Krishna Dwadashi, amavasye, Krishna paksha astami, navami and chaturdashi is preferable. Apoopa must be made up of Rice, jiggery, ghee. By giving the APOOPA DAANA, we will get the punya equal to pruthvi daana.

8. Phala daana - Actually apoopa daana is the Best. But we can give daana of Fruits, like mangoes, bananas, etc. Each fruits must have alongwith 33 separate beetel leaves, 33 coins [tambola villedele, 33 dakshine,] etc.

9. Kamyakarma shiddha - During Adhka Maasa, Marriage, Upanayana, Gruhapravesha, choula, sanyasa sweekara, annaprashana, - must NOT BE DONE as these are kaamyakarma. However Homa – Havana done with the intention of pleasing srihari, bhagavat-poojartham can be done. If we have already started any kaamyakarma prior to adhika maasa, it can be continued, but new karmas MUST NOT BE STARTED.

10. Shraddhas - Samvatsarika shraddha if it is falling during a month of Adhika maasa, it has to be done in Nija maasa. Eg. Shraaddha falling during Vaishaka Maasa must be done in regular vaishaka maasa and not in Adhika Vaishaka Maasa.

11. Shraaddhaas – monthly shraadhaas during Adhika Maasa - If one has died in a year and his monthly shraaddha to be done in Adhikamasa apart from regular monthly shraddha.

12. Chaturmasya – If during Chaturmasya, Adhika maasa comes, then we have to observe Chaturmasya + Adhikamaasa. I f during Shaka vratha adhikamasa comes, Shaka Vratha must be done for two months.

13.Mahalaya Maasa - If during Bhadrapada Maasa adhika Maasa, comes, then Mahalaya Paksha to be done in both Adhika and nija Bhadrapada maasa.