10.Sri Neelakanda Swami Temple, Thiruvithancodu:

Thiruvidhankodu Sri Parithipani Mahadevar temple
This temple has a campus three acres wide and accomodates both Siva temple at North and Vishnu temple at the South. There are separate circumambular paths for Deities and separate flag poles.

God : Parithipani, Mahadhevar
Great saints visited : vyAgrapAdhar
History:This temple is one in the shivAlaya Ottam temples.

Specialities:To the south of this temple there is an abode of MahAviShNu.

Main Festivals: ShivarAtri,Chiththirai kodiyetram Utsavam
Location:Situvated: 3 miles southwest of Thuckalay.


ThiruppanrikkOdu Sri Bhaktavachleshwarar Mahadevar temple

Sri Bhakthavatsala Swami is the chief Deity. This temple has a place in the history of Kanyakumari district. In 1680 CE a Mughal army was defeated by Venad forces after the Mughal General ordered that the Siva Lingam be cut by the sword. This infuriated the retreating Venad forces initially and they charged at the Mughal forces defeating them and chasing them away.

God : BhaktavatsalarMahadevar
Great saints visited : vyAgrapAdhar
After MahAviShNu in the form of a wild pig brought the earth in place killing the daemon King Hiranyan, he still not out of his anger of war was disturbing the worlds. The Devas surrendered to the Lord Shiva who broke his horn and brought him to his normalcy. The realised ViShNu worshipped the Lord and requested Him to be adorned by the horn He broke. The Lord blessed him wearing the horn to His head beautifully. This temple is supposedly associated with this purANic event. This temple is one in the shivAlaya Ottam temples.

This temple is closely associated with the ThiruvidhangurState history. In 1680 one Moghul King came here to attack the abode. The effects are seen on the Lord's Idol. Thiruvidhangur King Moolam Thirunal renovated this temple.

Specialities:The temple Sanctum is a double layered cone. Kerala styled temple.

Location:Situvated: 14 miles northeast of Nagarkoil.

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12.ThiruNattalam: Thirunattalam Sri Ardhanarishwarar temple

Here the pilgrimage ends. The Deity is Sri Neelakanda SankaraNarayana Swami - a Swayambu Lingam. Physically exhausted pilgrims in spiritual ecstasy have the Darshan of the Lord here. Legend says that the Purusha Mirugham was given the Divine Cosmic vision of Siva with Vishnu as His part - a vision of Harmony and Unity
There are two temples in this village. In the first temple the main god is Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva. The god is therefore called Sankaranarayanar, which means Siva-Vishnu. The idol there is suggesting that Hari (Vishnu) and Haran (Siva) are one and same. In the second temple the main god is Lord Siva and Lord Parvathi. The god is therefore called Arthanareeswara, which means half woman and God. There is a holy tank between these two temples

God (Temple1) : Ardhanareshwarar, Thirukkannappar, Mahadevar
God (Temple2) : Shankara narayanar
Great saints visited : VyAgrapAdhar
History:This temple is one in the shivAlaya Ottam temples. The Last temple
for concluding the Shivalaya Ottam.

Specialities:There are two temples situated on either sides of the tank.

Main Festivals: Shivaratri, Pankuni Arsttu in Shankara Narayanar temple
Location: Situvated: 17 miles west of Nagarkoil.