There is no second opinion that for livelihood we need to work either in government/public/ private sectors
or need to do a business. It is not possible to survive with only vaideekam. But it does not mean that
in view of these negative aspects, we will have to skip our nithya karmas, tradition etc.
Atleast to the possible extent we need to follow our dharmaa besides nithya karma:.

1) We are supposed to wear sukla vasam (white color dress). Therefore, avoid wearing lungies
atleast when we are within the house.

2) Getting up early in the morning i.e., beore sunrise.

3) Ladies need to clean the entrance and draw rangoli (kolam) everyday. Lighting lamps at the entrance.
Decorating the entrance wooden frame with turmeric and kunkumam. By using turmeric at the entrance
bacterial germs can be avoided and kunkumam prevents the evil effect to enter the house.

4) Do not keep the cooked rice inside the refrigerator. Anything cooked has to be consumed
at least within that day itself.

5) Ladies are supposed to tie their hair and letting it loose is not good for the family.
Sumangalis must wear flower and keep kunkumam at the respective places.

6) Cotton dress (for both gents and ladies) is recommended.

7) Bahishta dharmam: This is most important. Only very few ladies are following this.
During the mensuration period they are not supposed to come inside the house.
But nowadays lot of ladies are coming inside the kitchen and cooking. They say
they have taken bath and are cooking. It is not correct. They are supposed to keep
themselves away.
In fact they are not to be seen in front of their husband. Do not attend marriage or
any function during this time.

8) Theetu and Patthu are must for brahmins

9) There are people using their 2 hands while taking food. With right hand they are consuming food
and left hand holds roti, chpathi, etc. This is also not correct.

10) Wife is not supposed to serve her husband with left hand. This is to be adhered to
with utmost importance.

11) Using cow dung to clean the house is both religionwise and healthwise very good.

Try to follow this.

Anything more will be continued. In case anyone know anything more, they can provide the details.

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