Dasakam: 009 -- Shlokam: 02
महार्णवविघूर्णितं कमलमेव तत्केवलं
विलोक्य तदुपाश्रयं तव तनुं तु नालोकयन् ।

क एष कमलोदरे महति निस्सहायो ह्यहं

कुत: स्विदिदम्बुजं समजनीति चिन्तामगात् ॥२॥

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Brahmaa found himself to be all alone in the huge lotus in the mighty ocean and not perceiving Thy divineform propping it up, He saw the stem supporting the lotus but was unable to see Thy body and wondered as to who he was helpless and all alone and also of the source of the lotus.Thereafter, he began to ask himself,"Who am I? From where did I come from?"This self-enquiry led him on to a search at the physical level.