Dasakam: 009 -- Shlokam: 03
अमुष्य हि सरोरुह: किमपि कारणं सम्भ्वे-

दिति स्म कृतनिश्चयस्स खलु नालरन्ध्राध्वना ।

स्वयोगबलविद्यया समवरूढवान् प्रौढधी -

स्त्वदीयमतिमोहनं न तु कलेवरं दृष्टवान् ॥३॥

Brahmaa who was of mighty intellect decided that there must definitely be some source of this lotus. Using his yogic power he descended through the hollow of the lotus stem to look for the cause. He, however could not not see Thy most enchanting form.

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