Dasakam: 009 -- Shlokam: 05
Brahma had the vision ofthe Lord
शतेन परिवत्सरैर्दृढसमाधिबन्धोल्लसत्-

प्रबोधविशदीकृत: स खलु पद्मिनीसम्भव: ।

अदृष्टचरमद्भुतं तव हि रूपमन्तर्दृशा

व्यचष्ट परितुष्टधीर्भुजगभोगभागाश्रयम् ॥५॥

After spending a hundred divine years in a state of deep trance (samadhi), The knowledge of Reality then dawned on him. Brahma had the vision ofthe Lord reclining on Aadisesha. The form of the Lord seen by Brahmawas a wonderful one never seen before. So he was full of happiness and contentment.

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