(2) भोजने च जनार्दनं, Bhojane cha Janaardhanam,
-As Janaardhana, while partaking food.

Sri Janaardhana at Varkala, Kerala
In his bhaashyam for the Vishnu Sahasranama, Sri Shankara gives two different meanings of Janaardhana – "जनां अर्द्यति - Janaan Ardyathi" and "गतौ याचने च जनैर अर्द्यते इति जनार्दन –Gathau yaachane cha janair ardyathe ithi Janaardhana". He who punishes (Ardhyathi) the wicked people (Durjanaa) and He to whom people go and request for the fulfillment of all their wishes (Yaachana – Beg) is Janaardhana. Therefore, He who protects His devotees by destroying the wicked people and also grants whatever the devotees approach Him for is Janaardhana.

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Truly, the most genuine wish with which a Jeevaatma can approach Janaardhana is the wish of having his hunger satisfied. Without this wish being granted and satisfied, nothing else can be done. So when we are blessed by Him to have an abundant supply of delicious and sumptuous food, it is required that we at least show our gratitude and thank Him for what He has provided for our daily sustenance. Also, we ask of Him to transform this food that is consumed by the gross body into spiritual energy so that we have the strength and the courage to fight the evil within and around us.