Dasakam: 009 -- Shlokam: 08
The Supreme Lord blessed Brahma
लभस्व भुवनत्रयीरचनदक्षतामक्षतां
गृहाण मदनुग्रहं कुरु तपश्च भूयो विधे ।
भवत्वखिलसाधनी मयि च भक्तिरत्युत्कटे-
त्युदीर्य गिरमादधा मुदितचेतसं वेधसम् ॥८॥

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The Supreme Lord blessed Brahma with unlimited skill for the creation of the three worlds and advised him todo tapas, penance to intensify his devotion to the Lord.Accordingly, Brahma did intense "TAPAS" for a hundred years.Having gained more spiritual and mental power. encouraged Brahma to pray to Thee with more intense fervour and delighted him withmore boons than he asked for