(5) युद्धे चक्रधरं देवं, Yuddhe Chakradharam devam
-Remember Chakradhara, in times of war and conflicts

The meaning of this Naama of Vishnu is very straightforward. Chakradhara means He who wields the discus or Chakra. It is the first of the Panchayudhaas and is as inseparable from the Lord as is Maha Lakshmi. No description of the lord is ever complete without the mention of Sudarshana Chakra.

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शंखभॄन्नन्दकी चक्री शार्ंगधन्वा गदाधर:|:
रथांगपाणिरक्षोभ्य: सर्वप्रहरणायुध:|| - श्री विष्णु सहस्रनामस्तोत्र

Even during the various earthly avataaras, the Chakra incarnated along with the Lord every time. The Chakra incarnated as the fish-fin in the Matsya avataara, as the tortoise-shell during the Koorma avataara, as the boar-tusk in the Varaaha avataara, as the nails of Narasimha, the umbrella of Vamana, the axe of Parashurama and the Kothanda bow of Shri Rama. In the Krishna Avataara, which is often praised as the Poornaavataara, Sudarshana came in his original form of a divine discus. Both the Srimad Bhaagavatham as well as the Mahabharatha are replete with numerous incidents, where the Lord sent his Chakra to protect a devotee or to destroy an evil force.

Therefore, we should call upon Him when we are caught in any difficult conflict as well as mental or physical wars. If Dharma is on our side, He will surely send his Discus to save us from the danger. To protect Dharma and its upholders is the greatest of His priorities. Even today, He continues to save us from many catastrophes and dangers, but we, with our eyes clouded by ignorance, fail to acknowledge His action in the unhindered functioning of this world.

दुर्वारं द्वादशारं त्रिशत परिमिलत्षष्टि पर्वाभिवीतं
सम्भ्राम्यत् क्रूरावेगं क्षणमनु जगदाच्छिद्य सन्धावमानं |
चक्रं ते कालरूपं व्यथयतु न तु मां त्वत्पदै कावलंबं
विष्णो कारुण्य सिंधो पवनपुरपते पाहि सर्वामयौघात || - श्री नारायणीयं

"May not that inexorable wheel of yours, in the form of Time, with its twelve spokes and 360 teeth,
Whirling furiously fast and annihilating the universe every moment, with every revolution,
Enmesh and torment me, whose sole refuge is Thy feet.
O Vishnu, Ocean of mercy and Guruvayurappa, may Thou save me from all my woes and ailments."