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nowadays people erect tallest hanuman statues for worship in all places;
what is the sanctitiy of erecting such idols to greater and higher heights? does it mean that higher the statue the more will be the blessings?
are they the flight of fancy?
people throng such places where hanuman with 32ft,33 ft, 36 ft etc and say that they get mental peace soon after visiting those places of worship;
are there any agama or sasthraic sanctions to build hanuman to such heights/ members clarify with authentic proofs for their arguments
Exactly told as "Flight of Fancy", it is to attract people.
There is no Bhakthi in people's mind,
they are trying to create fear instead of Bhakthi.
Most of the worships are done with fear and not with bhakthi.
We can not accept those type of installations are according to Agama.
Agama is having several steps before building a temple.
The first step is "Bhoomi Pariksha",
this lands will fail in this first step itself.
In a way they are helping to keep people on bhakthi margam, hence Mahans are keeping silence!

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