Gurudevaís this composition is a translation of Thiruvalluvarís Thirukkural. Thirukkural is a famous Tamil text of social codes that is worshipfully studied even today.

A wife who spends in accordance with her husbandís income, becomes a solace to him.
If the lady of the house does not possess good qualities, every thing is lost. The family will not have good qualities and ultimately the family will deteriorate and get destroyed.
If a house wife has good qualities, what does she lack? If she doesnít have, what does she have at all? Thus there will be nothing.
If a man acquires a virtuous wife, he has nothing to achieve greater than that.
A wife who pays her respect to her husband when she wakes up, even before she prays to God, can even bring showers (rains) at her will.
Only a woman who protects herself (from ill-fame) and looks after her husband without tarnishing his name or image is worth to be called a naari (a woman worth her name).
There is no meaning in protecting women within a house. The ladies should guard themselves, with their virtues (chastity). That is really great (noble).
If a woman gets the opportunity to worship (serve) her husband faithfully, she will get a fame much greater than what is available in the abode of Gods.

If a man does not have a woman who guards his good name from being tainted, then he will not be able to go out with his head held high (he will lose respect).

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A womanís virtue enhances the fame of the house. If she begets a virtuous son, he becomes an apt adornment to that house.

Courtesy: Sree Narayanaguru