Six DVK members - Nandakumar, Prabhakaran, Diwakar,
Pradeep and Ravanan, all from Royapettah and Arun Kumar
of Triplicane - were arrested. Police have registered cases
under eight sections of IPC including 143 (unlawful assembly),
147 (rioting), 506 (1) (criminal intimidation) and 153
(promoting enmity between different groups on grounds
of religion). All six of them were remanded in judicial custody \
- Aoril 22 news in DC

We should all convey to Sri Viswanatha Gurukkal,
that it was not his fault, nor he has done any thing wrong
for getting attacked by the goons of Dravida Kazhagam.

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It is the fault of all Hindus whose senses have been numbed
through sleeping pills of pseudo-non violence followed by
secularism. Both of them shared a common trait. Any thing
and every thing to attack Hinduism, slaughter of cows on streets
and attacks on Brahmin priests became permissible. Even normal,
natural human reaction to defend let alone strike back was frowned
upon as violation to the two principles.

DK had its origin in treason. It came from party that
supported colonialism of British in India.There is nothing
more Indian than a Brahmin. So Brahmins became target
for anti-India elements- British and their agents in India.
While Brtish remained in background creating dissensions
through broadcasting spurious Aryan invasion theory,
High caste vs low caste with one being Aryan the other
Dravidian and such drivel, hard work was left to street
gangsters to attack those who loved the country and
always prayed to almighty to bless the motherland.

So Sri Gurukkal, it is not your fault, do not burden yourself
with any guilt. It is the fault of society for its complacence ,
fault of DK goons. They know not what awaits them.
Using political clout they may escape punishment from governments,
but the can they escape from Yama , ruler of place of punishment
for such sins ?

May Sri Siva bless, protect Sri Viswanath Gurukkal and his family.
"GO Brahmana hitayacha, Jagadittaya, Krishnaya
Govindayanamo namah."