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Given below is the transliteration of VISHNU SUKTHAM.
Translation is again by Sri. P.R.Ramachander and reproduced here with his kind permission.


Vishnornukam veeryani pravodham ya parthivani vimame rajaasi yo askabhaya duthara

Sadastham vichakramanas threthorukayo

We would sing the valorous deeds,

Of that Vishnu who has measured even the dust,

Of that Vishnu who prevents the worlds above from falling,

Of that Vishnu who measured the three worlds in three steps,

And of that Vishnu who is praised by the great

Vishno raratamasi Vishno prushtamasi, Vishno sjnapthrastho ,
Vishno syurasi, Vishnor druvamasi ,Vaishnavamasi vishnave twa.

You are like forehead of Vishnu**,

You are like the behind of Vishnu,

You are like the two legs of Vishnu,

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You are like the nerves of Vishnu,

You are like the bones of Vishnu,

And hey , yaga mandapa*,

You are in entirety like Vishnu,

And to get his grace, I worship you.

Sahana navathu.Sahanou bunakthu. Saha veerya karavavahai.

Tejaswinaa vadheedamasthu maa vidwishavahaii.

Om shanthi, shanthi, shanthi.

Let Brahmam protect the teacher-student duo,

And also protect us,

We would work with vigour,

Let our learning be lustrous,

Let not we quarrel among ourselves,

Let there be peace, peace and peace.

** The different parts of the place where fire sacrifice is done os compared to limbs of Vishnu.

* The place where fire sacrifices are conducted.