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After Vishnu Suktha next in line is NILA SUKTHA. This is not much known to many.This is also called Vishnu Pathni Suktham and also as Adithi Suktham. Nila Devi or Adithi who is the creator of the world is addressed here. Though it is well known that Lord Vishnu has two wives Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Bhudevi, the fact that he had a wife called Nila Devi aka Adithi is not well known. Nila Devi is supposed to have born as Radha, when Lord Vishnu took the Krishna avathara.This Suktha is taken from Thaithreeya Samhitha. This Suktha text is taken from the book by R.L.Kashyap (2007) Veda Manthras and Sukthas and published by Aurobindo Kapali Shasthri Institute of Vedic Culture, Bangalore.
Translation again is by Sri.P.R. Ramachander. Our thanks to him.


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Vivasvadwathe abhi nom grunahi,

Gruthawathi savithar aadhipathyai payasvathi,

Ranthir aashaa na asthu.

Oh ,one among thirty three thousand, you protect the world,

You are breathed by Vivaswan, please hear our prayers and respond,

Oh creator ,rich in clarity and knowledge,

Engulf me with your love from all directions.

Dhruva disaam vishnupathni aghora,

Asya eeshaana sahaso ya manotha,

Make all directions stable ,

oh consort of peaceful Vishnu,

Who is the god of strong and adored by all.

Brahaspathir mathariswotha,

Vayu sandhuvanaa vata,

Abhi no granathu.

Let Brahaspathi , the wind god

And matharishva be pleasant towards us.

May all of them bless us

Vishtambho dhivo

Dharuna pridhvya,

Asyeshana jagatho Vishnu pathni

Visvavayachaa ishayanthi subhoothi

Hiva no asthu adithir upasath

The consort of Vishnu props the heaven,

Supports the earth,

Rules the world,

She occupies everywhere,

Impels the desirable and

gives happiness to all,

Let Adithi be peaceful to us and place us in her lap.