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Please send me page No.22 with details on Sun Rise and important informations to select auspicious days etc.,. The Panchangam pdf contains only 21 pages.

2. The informations available on page No.4 of the Panchangam on the points to be followed to select auspicious days for several occassion may please be reviewed as the following Nakshatras are not considered generally .

Karthikai - Uthiram - Uthiradam ( Kaalatrana )

Mirugasirsham - Chithirai - Avittam ( Udalatrana )

Punarpoosam - Visakam - Poorattathi ( Thalaiyatrana )

A reference on a book MANAIKKURI SASTHIRAM ( Tamil ), by Ekambara Mudaliyar published in the year 1894. The E-Book may be obtained from the web.

If the the points are agreeable, please modify the informations on page 4 of the Panchangam.


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The 8 pages information on the above available from you may please be taken into account. Item No.3.2.8 on page 3 and the information on page 18 of the Panchangam are not agreeing in the case of 3 days asoucham for Athimber.

Another reference from a book SOOTHAKA ASOUCHAKA VILAKKAM published byBHAVANI BOOK CENTRE and written by the great SRIVATSA VE SOMADEVA SARMA . S.No.8 on page 6 is also relevant which taken from the original of Vaidhyanatha Dikshitar's SMRTIMUKTHAPALAM - ASOUCHA KANDAM.

There are no words to praise your yeoman service to the Brahmin Society.


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Dated 9th May, 2012.