Dear swamins

I need guidance and opinion from the learnt forum members

While going through some of the books it is mentioned with out knowing the meaning of the sloka / veda there is no use in reciting it. Several swamins do sandhya vandanam as a ritual with out knowing the meaning of it. ( sorry if iam wrong) I tried to learn sanskrit through books and could not learn the grammar. With out learning sanskrit how is it possible to know the meaning of any sloka or veda in full.Also to recite with proper metering and pronunciation sanskrit texts gives a satisfaction rather than reciting from tamil or other language tests. Added to this most tests say vedas should not be read and should be learned by heart.

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I have doubt that whatever little i follow is a right one.

Is there any way out ? Most of the people leave the rituals for want of either time or resources. In this situation what is the way out.

Please guide