Dasakam: 010 -- Shlokam: 09
वेदान् पुराणनिवहानपि सर्वविद्या:
कुर्वन् निजाननगणाच्चतुराननोऽसौ ।
पुत्रेषु तेषु विनिधाय स सर्गवृद्धि-
मप्राप्नुवंस्तव पदाम्बुजमाश्रितोभूत् ॥९॥

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Brahmaa then brought out the Vedas and all the Puraanas and all the other branches of learning, from his four faces and taught them to his sons. He then found himself unable to further the process of creation and so he took refuge at Thy lotus feet.