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Thread: Narayaneeyam

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    Default Narayaneeyam

    Dasakam: 010 -- Shlokam: 10
    जानन्नुपायमथ देहमजो विभज्य
    स्रीपुंसभावमभजन्मनुतद्वधूभ्याम् ।
    ताभ्यां च मानुषकुलानि विवर्धयंस्त्वं
    गोविन्द मारुतपुरेश निरुन्धि रोगान् ॥१०॥

    As he was not able to continue further 'creation',he meditated upon the lord. Wisdom dawned onhim and he symbolically divided his body intotwo halves i.e. the "MALE" concept and the "FEMALE" concept.From the Male concept emergedthe first man in the world,SWAYAMBHUVA MANU and from the female concept sprungthe first woman in the world, SATARUPA.They were the first man and womanwho multiplied the species of man toits present level of population explosion.

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    " O Lord of Guruvayoor," concludesthe author of "Narayaneeyam" at theend of the 10th Dasaka, Guruvayurappa ! Oh Thou who multiplies the human race ! Thus, please save me fromall my affliction
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