. That moustache. Oh, that irresistibly sexy moustache that bends round his lips down the trails that lead to the sides of his chin, but mysteriously vanishing on the way. The perfect dimensions. The epitome of seduction.

2. Those God gifted pearly whites that have set hearts racing since ages. One flash, and you're rendered* sleepless for the next couple of months.

3. The long, shining jet black braids resembling the King Cobra, elegantly entwined upon by the garland of Tuberose. The visual as well as the olfactory effects are worth a lifetmory.

4. The unparalleled white South Silk. They set up the atmosphere for all traditional occasions. Want your wardrobe to be adorned with one? Marry a South Indian Adonis.

5. The Lungi that was brought to fame by a not so old Punjabi rap star. As Chennai Express set the screens across the nation ablaze, the Lungi established itself as the only way of stealing female hearts.

6. That flawless , vocabulary enriched English spiced up with a tangy South Indian accent that makes you keep repeating his sentences under your breath throughout the day, only to check if you can pronounce them equally well and smiling to yourself.

7. The ease with which they play with numbers and code more than half of all the programs that run the tech world on this planet. From the Reserve Bank of India to Infosys, everywhere you'll find the miracles being made by a South Indian.

8. The lush green banana leaves that serve you the best of the pickles alongside the main dish. The freshness and the fragrance will leave you thanking God for being fortunate enough to experience such bliss.

9. Sense of humour. Coupled with intelligence. A lethal combination, no doubt. As he proves 1= -1 effortlessly,* you'll laugh along with him, and miss him after the conversation is over. Ranging over all topics, he'll be an inspiring intellectual. Unlimited entertainment,* you'll never know what "boredom" is.

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10. His eagerness to feed you Coconut Lassi, and his own love for Coconut Rice. Coconuts come next to his wife and he could probably hug one and go to bed when she's away at her mom's place.

11. The magnificent gold tiara worn by the South Indian bride. Bordering her entire hairline, it dazzles the Mandap even as her white Saree and fragrant garlands make her unmarried friends give marriage a serious thought.

12. Care. He'll care for you as though you're his baby. Doesn't matter if you're his roommate or girlfriend, he'll keep a track of your meals, of how you're doing, of whether you need help with your work, and definitely, definitely, definitely if you are lonely and need someone to be with you.

13. The kiss. Yes, you read that right. The kiss. This one exclusively for South Indian men. My fiance proved it. I could give up everything else for his kiss. Just one word; "BREATHTAKING ".