Dasakam: 011 -- Shlokam: 02
रनेकवापीमणिमन्दिरैश्च ।
अनोपमं तं भवतो निकेतं
मुनीश्वरा: प्रापुरतीतकक्ष्या: ॥२॥

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Vaikunta is unmatched in its beauty and splendour.It has seven enclosures or gates and a beautiful gardenfull of Kalpa trees, known as "NAISREYAM".It has numerous lakes and glittering mansions deckedwith pearls and gems.After traversing the six fortresses, the divine sages came to the gateway of Thy incomparable abode, containing the enchanting garden of Naisreyasa, various tanks and stately castles studded with gems