Keeping your blood pressure under control can be quite a task. Try out these foods to make sure it doesn't shoot up.
So we told you about the kind of foods that will boost your sex drive a few weeks ago. More recently we also told you about the foods that will make your brain more active!
Today we bring you the foods that will reduce your blood pressure.
High BP is one of the greatest health disorders Indians -- young and old -- face.
With our high pressure lifestyles and jobs that demand much more than we can offer BP is becoming a serious issue.
So how can you keep that shooting pressure under control.
Here are foods that will help you do just that.
What is high blood pressure?
Blood pressure is the force of blood against the walls of arteries and it rises and falls throughout the day. When blood pressure stays elevated over time, it's called high blood pressure.
Essential fats lower high blood pressure
Both fish oil and Flax seeds contain Omega-3 fats and help modestly lower high blood pressure levels. Flax-seed oil is more cost-effective. Omega-3 also helps prevent heart disease, depression, and cancer.

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