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Fond of laddus? Is your sweet tooth giving your diet regime a hard time? While you may want to have a look at the many healthy recipes we have for most of your favourite foods, try giving a healthy twist to your regular laddus with oats and cornflakes. Being rich in fibre and low in calories these laddus will not only satiate your sweet tooth but will also keep your calorie count in-check. You can also enjoy these desserts while on a diet, guilt-free.
Make,eat and enjoy without fear.

Healthy oats and cornflakes laddu recipe


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1 cup oats
1 and cup cornflakes
cup jaggery powder
1 tsp ghee
4 dates
1 tsp cardamom powder
1 tbsp milk


Dry roast oats for 5 minutes and let them cool.
Coarsely grind the oats, and crush the cornflakes. Mix the ingredients.
Add jaggery powder, finely chopped dates, cardamom powder, and ghee and mix well.
Add some warm milk and mix well.
Grease your hands with little ghee and shape the mixture into small laddus.