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Dasakam: 012 -- Shlokam: 02
कष्टं प्रजा: सृजति मय्यवनिर्निमग्ना
स्थानं सरोजभव कल्पय तत् प्रजानाम् ।
इत्येवमेष कथितो मनुना स्वयंभू: -
रम्भोरुहाक्ष तव पादयुगं व्यचिन्तीत् ॥ २ ॥

Swaayambhuva Manu told the lotus born Brahma that it was a pity that the earth was submerged as he was creating beings. He asked for a place to be created for the beings. Hearing this Brahmaa started to contemplate on Thy two lotus feet, for guidance.