Dasakam: 012 -- Shlokam: 05
कोऽसावचिन्त्यमहिमा किटिरुत्थितो मे
नासापुटात् किमु भवेदजितस्य माया ।
इत्थं विचिन्तयति धातरि शैलमात्र:
सद्यो भवन् किल जगर्जिथ घोरघोरम् ॥५॥

While Brahma was wondering who this tiny boar, which emerged from his nose andhad attained this unimaginably great form could be and whether it was the Maya of Vishnu, The Unconquerable, Thou instantly grew to the size of a mountain and roared repeatedly in a terrifying manner.

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