Dasakam: 012 -- Shlokam: 07

प्रोत्क्षिप्तवालधिरवाङ्मुखघोरघोण: ।
तूर्णप्रदीर्णजलद: परिघूर्णदक्ष्णा
स्तोतृन् मुनीन् शिशिरयन्नवतेरिथ त्वम् ॥७

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Thy erect smoke-coloured hair, twitching upward, Thy tail held aloft, Thy snout pointingdownward and Thy eyes rolling, Thou plunged into the ocean, rapidly penetrating theclouds, delighting the sages who were singing Thy praises. The Varaaha then plunged into the waters witha terrific speed and a great splash.