Raw food is the best type of food because the nutrition is passed on from the vegetable directly. Cooking destroys nutrition. In fact, we must switch back to raw food to keep healthy

The correct answer is: False
Raw food can be tough on the digestive system, which is now used instead of cooked food.Moreover, raw food is infamous for generating gas and flatulence.In fact, some vegetables release more nutrients when cooked.Examples are carrots, tomatoes, green beans, pumpkin and broccoli.Cooking softens the protective elements inside the vegetables and thus helps release more of its phyto-nutrients, making absorption easier.If you are dieting or fasting, raw foods can be rather harsh on the stomach and create serious digestive problems, including cramps.Soups and boiled vegetables are safer and more soothing for the system in such cases. Cooked carrot, for instance, is said to release three times as much beta carotene as raw carrots.

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