Narayaneeyam Dasakam: 13 -- Slaying of Hiranyaaksha
Dasakam: 013 -- Shlokam: 01
हिरण्याक्षं तावद्वरद भवदन्वेषणपरं
चरन्तं सांवर्ते पयसि निजजङ्घापरिमिते ।
भवद्भक्तो गत्वा कपटपटुधीर्नारदमुनि:
शनैरूचे नन्दन् दनुजमपि निन्दंस्तव बलम् ॥१॥

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Oh Varada ! Hiranyaksha was roaming about in the knee-deep waters of the delugelooking for Thee. At that time, Sage Narada then approached the Asura,Hiranyaksha who was at that time wandering about in the waters in search of Vishnu.The waters of ocean hardly reached his knees.So you can imagine the huge size of the Asura.Narada was a great diplomat.He flattered the Asura and vehemently criticized the Lord to achieve his end.