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Dasakam: 013 -- Shlokam: 04गदापाणौ दैत्ये त्वमपि हि गृहीतोन्नतगदो
नियुद्धेन क्रीडन् घटघटरवोद्घुष्टवियता ।
रणालोकौत्सुक्यान्मिलति सुरसङ्घे द्रुतममुं
निरुन्ध्या: सन्ध्यात: प्रथममिति धात्रा जगदिषे ॥४॥

As the Asura To start with, there was a fight with mace ("Gada")between Vishnu and Hiranyaksha was armed with a mace, Thou too flourished a mighty mace and sportingly gave him battle. As the clang of the clashing maces resounded in the sky, the hoasts of gods assembled eagerly to see the dual..Brahma cautioned the Lord that the demon had to be killed before nightfall.