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Thread: Mother, Father and Teacher as per the MAHABHARATHA

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    Default Mother, Father and Teacher as per the MAHABHARATHA


    Yudhishtira asked " There are so many duties.What are those duties that most deserve tobe practiced? What acts, according to you, are the , most important among all duties, by the practice of which I may earn the highest merit both here and hereafter?
    Bhishma said," The worship of mother, father and preceptor (teacher), is most important according to me.The man who attends to that duty here, succeeds in acquiring great fame. Worshipped with respect by thee, whatever they will command thee, be it consistent with righteousness or inconsistent with it, should be done unhesitatingly, O Yudhishtira! One should never do what they forbid. Without doubt, that which they command should always be done. ( Literally."One should not follow that course of duty which they do not indicate.That again is duty, which they command.This is settled")
    They are the three worlds.They are the three modes of life.They are the three Vedas.They are the three sacred fires. The father is said to be the Garhapathya fire; the mother, the Dakshina fire; and the preceptor is that fire upon which libations are poured.These three fires are the most eminent. If you attend with heedfulness to these fires, you will succeed in conquering the three worlds.By serving the father with regularity, one may cross this world.By serving the mother,in the same way, one may attain to the regions of felicity in the next. BY serving preceptor with regularity, one may obtain the region of Brahma.Behave properly to these three, you will then obtain great fame in the three worlds, and you will be blessed, great will be your merit and reward.

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    From theMahabharatha-Santi Parva, Section CVIII
    Translated by Sri.Kisari Mohan Ganguli.


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