Dasakam: 013 -- Shlokam: 08
महाकाय: सो॓ऽयं तव चरणपातप्रमथितो
गलद्रक्तो वक्त्रादपतदृषिभि: श्लाघितहति: ।
तदा त्वामुद्दामप्रमदभरविद्योतिहृदया
मुनीन्द्रा: सान्द्राभि: स्तुतिभिरनुवन्नध्वरतनुम् ॥८॥

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That gigantic Asura crushed by the powerful blow of Thy foot, fell down with blood flowing out of his mouth. The sages praised his slaying. Then those great sages,whose hearts were delighted, with deep, enhanced, fervour, extolled Thy virtues The Sages began to sing various hymns in praise of the Lord in the special "Avatar" of "Varaaha Murthy".The form of Varaaha symbolically representedthe very embodiment of a "HOLY YAGNA