Dasakam: 013 -- Shlokam: 09
त्वचि छन्दो रोमस्वपि कुशगणश्चक्षुषि घृतं
चतुर्होतारोऽङ्घ्रौ स्रुगपि वदने चोदर इडा ।
ग्रहा जिह्वायां ते परपुरुष कर्णे च चमसा
विभो सोमो वीर्यं वरद गलदेशेऽप्युपसद: ॥९॥

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O Infinite Lord! In Thy skin are the Vedic Mantras, Thy hair are the 'kush' grass, Thy eyes are the ghee, Thy feet are the four sacrificing priests, Thy face is 'sruk',( the ladel for sacrifice) and Thy stomach is the 'Ida' (the vessel which holds the sacrificial ingredients), Thy tongue is the soma pot. O Lord! Thy ears are the chamasas (the vessel which holds the sacrificial remnants) and Thy virility is soma. O Bestower of Boons! in Thy neck are the sacrifices called Upasat, (the subsidiary rites). Thou are the embodiment of the holy Yagna.The Sages could see through, that each and every partof the body of the Great Boar, "VARAAHA",compared magnificently well withsome ingredient or other, some utensilor priest or thing required for a holy, sacrificial "YAGNA".