After the Lord's re-instatement of the Earthin its orbit during His Varaaha incarnation,the off-spring of Brahma, Swayambhuva Manuís Incessant devotion to the Lord and continuous effort heruled over the people successfully duringthe entire period of his "Manvantara"(71 mahayugas).This was possible to him only because of his Incessant devotion to the Lord and continuous effort to remember the Lord by recounting His glories.
During this period, Prajapati Kardama whowas born from Brahma's own shadow,worshipped Lord Narayana for ten thousand years.He was eager to take up the work of 'creation' of the species, as instructed by Lord Brahma.Lord Narayana appeared before Kardama in theform contemplated upon by him,seated on the divine Garuda.The Lord blessed him to marryDEVAHUTI, daughter of Manu.He also blessed him to beget nine daughters.The Lord Himself would thereafter,be born to him as a son as the tenth childunder the name of KAPILA.Thereafter, the Lord promised "Moksha" to Kardama.
Being prompted by the Lord and advised by Narada,Swayambhuva Manu came to Kardama and got his daughter,Devahuti married to him. With the 'Yogic' power obtained by his devotion to the Lord, Kardama revelled with his love-lorn Devahuti in an aerial chariot (Vimana),assuming nine divine forms.Thereafter he got nine daughters and was awaiting the arrival of the Lord in the form of Kapila.instructed by her husband, Devahuti engaged herself in devout worship of Narayana.In due course, the Lord Himself was bornas Kapila to teach mankind the means for attainment of salvation.
Kardama then left for the forest for doing penance as a means for his salvation.Kapila then became a great philosopher and taught the essence of his teachings to his own mother, Devahuti.

Dasakam: 015 -- Shlokam: 01
मतिरिह गुणसक्ता बन्धकृत्तेष्वसक्ता
त्वमृतकृदुपरुन्धे भक्तियोगस्तु सक्तिम् ।
महदनुगमलभ्या भक्तिरेवात्र साध्या
कपिलतनुरिति त्वं देवहूत्यै न्यगादी: ॥१॥

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Thou in Thy incarnation as Kapila, advised Devahoothi thus: The human mind gets attracted to material objects Mind becomes the cause of bondagewhen it is attached to sense objects.When it is detached from them, it becomes the cause for liberation. Hence we should follow in the footsteps of great souls and have only the goal ofdevotion in our heart