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Dasakam: 015 -- Shlokam: 08
पितृसुरगणयाजी धार्मिको यो गृहस्थ:
स च निपतति काले दक्षिणाध्वोपगामी ।
मयि निहितमकामं कर्म तूदक्पथार्थं
कपिल्तनुरिति त्वं देवहूत्यै न्यगादी: ॥८॥

pitR^isuragaNayaajii dhaarmikO yO gR^ihasthaH
sa cha nipatati kaale dakshiNaadhvOpagaamii |
mayi nihitamakaamaM karma tuudakpathaarthaM
kapilatanuriti tvaM devahuutyai nyagaadiiH

That householder who leads a virtuous life propitiating the gods and his ancestors,goes to the southern path and after the merits earned by him are exhausted, falls backon the earth to begin a new cycle of life. But if our action and devotion are dedicated tothe Lord without any expectation of its fruit, we will go toward the northern path ofsalvation. Thus Thou advised Devahoothi, in Thy incarnation as Kapila.