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Dasakam: 015 -- Shlokam: 09
इति सुविदितवेद्यां देव हे देवहूतिं
कृतनुतिमनुगृह्य त्वं गतो योगिसङ्घै: ।
विमलमतिरथाऽसौ भक्तियोगेन मुक्ता
त्वमपि जनहितार्थं वर्तसे प्रागुदीच्याम् ॥९॥

iti suviditavedyaaM deva he devahuutiM
kR^itanutimanugR^ihya tvaM gatO yOgisanghaiH |
vimalamatirathaa(a)sau bhaktiyOgena muktaa
tvamapi janahitaarthaM vartase praagudiichyaam

O Lord! Having thus known all that was to be known, Thou blessed Devahooti, who was singing Thy praise. She had attained the purity of mind and was liberated by following the path of devotion. Thou also left with a group of ascetics and Thou do stay even now, in the North East for the good of the people.