Importance of Sandhya Vandanam

The important things required to do 'Sandhya Vandhanam' are : 1. Intention to do 2. 5 to 10 minutes Time 3. A tumbler of water
Benefit of doing 'Sandhya Vandhanam' : Answer given for this question is only for persons, who strongly believes "Sastrams & Sampradayams"
We, everybody know and believe that every living being consists of an "Aanma" or "Athma". Sastram says that 'Athma' is different from 'body' ,
the Athma takes birth repeatedly, which is called 'Janma', it takes a new body for every Janma. The Anma is getting some weight
whenever it does any 'Karma' against 'Sastra' or against 'Dharma' which is called 'Paabham'. Likely, it loses some weight whenever it does
anything according to 'Sastra' without selfishnes, which is called 'Punyam'. We should think for the places of births of plants - (under earth),
single cell beings - (deep wells and rivers), animals, birds - (forest, remote places from bhagavan sannivesam), mankind -
(living places few inches above land). Now you can capture the idea, that according to the weight earned by the 'Athma' in this birth
it is getting the next birth with available body in that region. So, sastra is accepting that doing pabham is quite common for all creatures.

It says that pabham can be had by "Abhakshaya bhakshana, Abhojya bhojana, Apaeya paana, Asambhashidha Sambhaashana,
Asparsa Sparsana, Akruthya Karana, Kruthya Akarana, Bhagavadh Apachara, Bhagavadha Apachara, Asahya Apacharaadheenaaam,
Mano-Vaak- Kaaya, Karmaendhirya, Gnanaendhirya, Vyaapaaraihi, Gnaanathaha, Akgnaanathascha, Sambhaavidhaanaam Paaphaanaam...."
(We will later translate and explain everything above), but we should realise that there are many channels to get Paabham,
but there is only one channel to get Punyam that is by doing selfless doings. 'Athma' will go lean when you feed the body, body will go lean
when you feed the 'Athma'. 'Ruchi' (taste) differs from one person to other, but anybody can set his / her taste in good things by having
good control on his / her 'indhryams', which (control) is a huge gift for the mankind. Because the control is only possible for who can realise the fact.

So, taking birth as a man is like a gift or like a promotion aganist one's great punyam. A man who completely realises
the sorrow will never like rebirth even as a man. Which is described as "Real Gnaanam" by our 'Periyavaaals'.

Sandhya Vandhanam consists of many small doings. The word 'Sandhi' means = the meeting period of day and night / night and day.

'Madhyanniham' is a combination of two words 'Madhyam' + 'Ahniham' . The word 'Ahniham' is the general term for all 'Anushtana karmas'
in which the details for "who, when, how ... " are described. We can split 'Sandhya Vandhanam' into two major parts:
Part 1: "Argyams" Part 2 : "Japams"