Dasakam: 016 -- Shlokam: 07
सम्मोहनाय मिलिता मदनादयस्ते
त्वद्दासिकापरिमलै: किल मोहमापु: ।
दत्तां त्वया च जगृहुस्त्रपयैव सर्व-
स्वर्वासिगर्वशमनीं पुनरुर्वशीं ताम् ॥७॥

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The beauty of the maids in attendance enchanted even Kama Deva and his bevy of celestial damsels. The tempters who came to overpower were themselves got tempted and enchanted by the beauty of those who served the Lord. The Lord thereafter presented them a gift to Indra,"URVASI", whose beauty put to shame the beauty of all the celestial damsels. Indra was thus humiliated forever by the Divine Twins