Dasakam: 016 -- Shlokam: 08
दृष्ट्वोर्वशीं तव कथां च निशम्य शक्र:
पर्याकुलोऽजनि भवन्महिमावमर्शात् ।
एवं प्रशान्तरमणीयतरावतारा-
त्त्वत्तोऽधिको वरद कृष्णतनुस्त्वमेव ॥८॥

Seeing Urvashi and hearing about Thy achievements, Indra was perplexed, and thus realized Thy glory. O Bestower of Boons! This incarnation of Thee as Nara Naaraayana which is so gentle and beautiful, is excelled only by Thy incarnation as Krishna.

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