Dasakam: 016 -- Shlokam: 10
क्रुद्धेशमर्दितमख: स तु कृत्तशीर्षो
देवप्रसादितहरादथ लब्धजीव: ।
त्वत्पूरितक्रतुवर: पुनराप शान्तिं
स त्वं प्रशान्तिकर पाहि मरुत्पुरेश ॥१०॥

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Enraged, Shiva disrupted the sacrifice of Daksha and also cut off his head. However on being propitiated by the gods, Shiva restored Daksha to life again. His sacrifice was then completed by Thy grace, and he also achieved mental peace. O Lord of Guruvaayur! O Bestower of calmness! Thou who brings peace to thedevotee's heart, protect me.