Dasakam: 017 -- Shlokam: 03
त्वन्मोहिते पितरि पश्यति दारवश्ये
दूरं दुरुक्तिनिहत: स गतो निजाम्बाम् ।
साऽपि स्वकर्मगतिसन्तरणाय पुंसां
त्वत्पादमेव शरणं शिशवे शशंस ॥३॥

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The hen-pecked king who was blinded by his infatuation for Suruchi silently looked on the cruel treatment meted out by her to the boy. . Deeply wounded at heart, Dhruva then went to his own mother Suneeti. She consoled the child and advised him that the only way to overcome the evils of one’s own past actions is to seek shelter at Thy feet.