Dasakam: 017 -- Shlokam: 08
तावद्विबोधविमलं प्रणुवन्तमेन-
माभाषथास्त्वमवगम्य तदीयभावम् ।
राज्यं चिरं समनुभूय भजस्व भूय:
सर्वोत्तरं ध्रुव पदं विनिवृत्तिहीनम् ॥८॥

Then Dhruva, with his mind, purified and enlightened by Thy divine touch He then sang Thy praise profusely, having been purified and enlightened by pure knowledge. Knowing what he had in mind, Thou blessed him to enjoy the kingdom for long and Thou then granted him the boon of attaining the highest abode, theDhruvapadam, from which there would be no return to the nether regions or where there is no return to lower states

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